Middleton Lads & Girls Black U15’s v Royton Town AFC U15’s



Game 3 saw us away to Middy Lads.  Historically we’ve usually had games against these which have been severely influenced by incompetent referees and this one was certainly no exception.  You could argue that this one was top of the league in terms of incompetence.

Middy won the toss and opted to play down hill with the sun and wind behind them.  It certainly worked in their favour.  5 minutes in and Royton were unable to clear a scramble in the box and it was smashed in from close range.  1-0 to Middy.  Possibly a free kick to Royton in the build-up to this but it was never going to be given.

With 12 minutes played and the Middy keeper used the wind to his advantage with a massive kick over… everyone.  Their striker somehow managed to catch up with the ball and knocked a sublime shot into the roof of the net.  To be fair it was a great finish but the wind definitely caught us out.  2-0 to Middy.

There were one or two chances the other way but you could tell with the conditions, our time would come in the 2nd half…  with 25 minutes on the clock, Middy knocked the ball down the wing, Sean tried to smash it back up against the wind but it hit the advancing Middy player who then knocked the covering Saif off the ball to make it 3-0.  That was it for the 1st half, a possible VAR review, a wind assisted goal and a deflection meant the lads were coming in at half time 3-0 down.

The 2nd half got underway and as expected chances would come.  6 minutes in and the Middy player tried to head a ball back to his keeper – the ball back didn’t have the pace on it and Rahman caught it up and slid it in.  3-1… Enter the referee.  Foul awarded for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  Even the Middy manager was confused by that decision.  Back to 3-0.

10 minutes of the 2nd half played and Ben skipped past a couple of Middy players inside their box, just as he was about to pull the trigger he was hacked down.  An obvious penalty and red card.  Only the penalty given, Ewan stepped up but somehow knocked it wide… still 3-0 but it could quite easily have been 3-2 and a man up.

The Royton lads had certainly settled in now and were controlling most of the play.  Matthew was shepherding the ball when going towards his own goal and was literally shoved off his feet.  Free kick??  No, on appealing this assault with the referee the reason why a free kick wasn’t given was due to Matthew being in the way… ok…

Another couple of naughty challenges go unnoticed by the referee – probably noticed, just not actioned.  A blatant kick out off the ball – unpunished.  A double footed studs up challenge – unpunished.

28 minutes on the clock and Middy made a break, Tommy chased back and put a superb challenge in knocking the ball out for a corner… no.. the referee gave a penalty.  Not one appeal for this but there you go.

The lad picked his spot but stand in keeper Joe tipped it over the bar – calls of Gordon Banks were heard on that save.  Superb.  The lads were clearly happy that they weren’t cheated out of a goal there…  For some reason the referee then decided to verbally abuse a Royton player by calling him loudly enough for team mates to hear, “fucking knob” due to celebrating the save.  Strange choice of words for a referee to use especially when directed at a child.

In the last attack of the game Middy tried to break through again but another outstanding tackle prevented a shot and almost certain 4th goal.  I’d like to think this was more clumsy than malicious however I’m sure it was intended, the Middy lad stamped on one of our lads knee causing ligament damage.  He hit the floor in pain rolling around holding his knee.  A disgusting challenge – again a potential straight red card but the referee opted for play to continue despite the lad lay on the floor in tears.  The referee then blew for full time and walked straight off the pitch – absolutely disgusting from the referee, obviously just there for £30 an no regard for the safety of the lads whatsoever.

Luke awarded man of the match today, his calm, cool play in midfield was superb.  Collecting the ball and making the right pass pretty much all game.  A great 2nd half defensive performance from Sean, H, Matthew ‘Dennis’ and Tommy too.

Next week at home to top of the league Oxford Grove who are currently unbeaten.  Despite just one win in 3, the Royton lads have put in some great performances and playing some really good football at times so we’ll see what happens… hopefully we’ll have our new kit for this one too!


Date Time League Season Match Day
September 21, 2019 10:00 am North Bury Junior Football League U15's Premiership 2019/20 2019/2020 Saturday


Middleton Lads & Girls Black U15's
Bowlee Playing Fields Heywood Old Rd M24 4SD


Middleton Lads & Girls Black U15’s3
Royton Town AFC U15’s0