Manchester Central Reserves v Royton Town Reserves



Manchester central reserves behave all first team players ..
Unfortunately for Royton they had to play the first team from Manchester Central because they didnt have a fixture . Then the management of Manchester Central have the cheek to stand in front of the cameras and say they only played four first team players is a complete lie. Shame less comes to mind . To be fair to the Manchester Centrals players they played some good stuff but evidently their quality was far superior to Roytons,,  but they didnt have it all their own way as Royton did create and open up their opponents who i might add play in the Manchester Central Premier Division thats five divisions above our reserves. All credit to the Management and players from Royton Town AFC we have took the defeat and we move on.  The game was played in good spirit by all the players and it was a pleasure to watch but it was a big test for the young lads from Royton..

The only bitter part of the game was at the end by a comment made by Kyle Lord to Royton Town AFC manager . Paul said he felt it was unfair that they had played all their first team and Kyles response was why why why  if youve got a problem  email me at i dont give a f—-k at   ,.. Class that Kyle Pure class


Date Time League Season Match Day
January 5, 2019 2:00 pm Manchester Football League - Division 4 2018/19 2018/2019 Saturday


Manchester Central Reserves
Manchester College of Arts and Technology, Manchester M12 6BA, UK


Manchester Central Reserves7
Royton Town AFC Reserves0