Elton & Walshaw Meerkats U14’s v Royton Town AFC U14’s



A bad day at the office today.  Things not looking good on Friday evening just finding out that 2 of the main players were on holiday, 2 no shows on Saturday morning and a late drop out due to unforeseen circumstances meant we were down to a bare 11 players.  Nothing much could be done though…

The worst start possible, from taking the kick off we were down 1-0 within 40 seconds with the left winger running the full half of the pitch, cutting in and knocking it into the far post.

Things went from bad to worse with 15 played with a shit from distance not closed down which went over the keeper.  4 mins later and another over the keeper. 3-0 at half time and possibly the worst performance in the last 2 seasons, no effort, no talking and no commitment.

So, knowing the game was a write off it was a case of play for pride…

A little better start to the 2nd half with the lads trying to play but Elton managed to score 2 goals on the 8th minute make it 5-0… 6 more minutes played and a penalty conceded… 6-0 with 20 minutes to play.  If this was a boxing match then the towel would have been thrown in a long time ago…

A late surge from the lads and Tommy ran down the wing and delivered a cross onto the head of Isaac for a consolation goal.

6-1. Any chances of winning the divisional cup went out of the window after 40 seconds into this game..


Date Time League Season Match Day
April 13, 2019 10:30 am Main Cup 2018/2019 Saturday


Elton & Walshaw JFC Meercats
Bury College Millennium Centre Market St Bury BL9 0DB


Elton & Walshaw JFC Meercats U14’s6
Royton Town AFC U14’s1