Elton & Walshaw JFC Meerkats U14’s v Royton Town AFC U14’s



The lads went into this game knowing that even a defeat would keep them top of the table and most played like this result didn’t matter too.  To make things worse, it was another club assigned referee so the lads knew nothing was going to go our way and we just had to get the ball in their net.

A bright, promising start and some good passing meant the lads dominated the first 10 minutes but despite a couple of half chances, didn’t create anything clear cut.

With 4 subs on the bench and three midfielders then the lads on the pitch knew they could give everything and come off for a rest when needed but the effort just wasn’t there today at all.

The first time the ball went into our box was from a big boot over – an easy pick up for Ciaran but he slid out to collect it, the ball bounced off his chest straight to an Elton player who was just had to tap it in.  1-0.

Things went from bad to worse as Saif knocked the ball back to Ciaran to punt upfield but it smashed right into the Elton striker and straight into the back of the net.  2-0 and both goals were gifts.

Not long before half time, the ref awarded Elton a penalty for the softest challenge you’ll ever see.  There is no way an unbiased ref would have given that.  From 15 yards out (yes, 15) their striker hit it and Ciaran dived to his right to pick it out of the to corner.  A fantastic save.

2-0 at half time.

After a bit of a rocket, the lads again started off strong but little mistakes gave Elton a soft corner, it was cleared to 30 yards out and the Elton player struck it low and hard right into the bottom corner.  There is no way he should have even been getting the opportunity to shoot from out there. 3-0.

Only a handful of the Royton lads were busting a gut to try and get something out of this game and the referee decided to put a stop to that by warning the Royton captain for talking to his players.  What an absolute joke.  Rahman chased the ball down on the wing, clipped an Elton player who limped off the pitch and fell to the floor, no free kick so Elton down to 10 players…..Only for their manager to tell him to get back on the pitch and go down so the game had to stop…

Another free kick for a silly foul and Elton knocked it towards the box.  Only one player rose to head it, he was an Elton player.  4-0.

An attack from Royton and Jack was fouled.  The ref was willing to play on until our liner pointed out the foul to him.  Thinking it was a free kick he blew only then to realise it was inside the box.  Penalty,,,,far too late to get anything but a consolation goal.  Up steps Ewan, the ref was then made aware that a penalty is 12 yards out and not 15.  The ball now in the right position and finished in the top corner.  4-1.  With a few minutes left to play Royton tried to press on but shoddy play in the middle and the ball was constantly given back to Elton.

End of the day the ref didn’t help but all goals conceded, especially the first 2 which were gifts so we deserved to lose this one.


MoM    Ewan McMurdo



Date Time League Season Match Day
November 17, 2018 10:30 am North Bury Junior Football League Championship - U14's 2018/19 2018/2019 Saturday


Elton & Walshaw JFC Meercats
Bury College Millennium Centre Market St Bury BL9 0DB


Elton & Walshaw JFC Meercats U14’s4
Royton Town AFC U14’s1